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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
By Celeste
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Katie and Rives wedding, my second wedding in the McAllister family, was every bit as personal and unique as the first.  Katie and Rives had a small, intimate ceremony at Katie's parents home in Crozet, VA, where we also took beautiful wedding portraits complete with a backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Following their ceremony, the couple headed to Portico church in Charlottesville, VA for their reception.  It's worth noting that all of the chocolates, the cake, the decoration, and the signs that you see in the blog post are products of the family's creativity and skill.  Instead of relying on CD mixes for entertainment, the couple's musical friends, including Paul Zach, David Tewksbury, Michael Coleman, and Michael McAllister, provided the entertainment.  Katie and Rives, thanks for letting me share in your day!!!

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